'The Line' Exposed

Mission: Discredit all other groups by association

November 27 2020

Lamont Daigle, the leader and co-founder of 'The Line', thinks pedophiles do "weird shit" with kids just to get through life, and shouldn't be judged. He also told the media that if you're associated with The Line you're plotting terrorist violence.

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The Line Canada, and now The Line International (hereby referred to simply as The Line), appears to be a misguided, delusional, and embarrassing grift at best, and a controlled opposition fed honeypot run by agent provocateurs at worst.

The Line and its members have become omnipresent at anti-lockdown protests in Ontario, and have been expanding across the rest of the country, with a presence quickly developing in provinces such as Manitoba and BC. Protestors have reported that The Line have "hijacked" protests and turned them into something "weird".

Lamont Daigle ensuring that the media associates The Line with Adamson BBQ.

Recently, a restaurant owner, Adam Skelly, in East York, Ontario, made headline news after he chose to defy pandemic lockdown orders and refused to shut down his restaurant, Adamson BBQ. Hundreds of people showed up to support Adam, with protests forming outside of his business.

The Line was quick to insinuate themselves into the crowd, with their professionally made (and ugly) flags and signs visible everywhere, even affixed to the restaurant's fence. Their symbol and URL was visible in nearly every mainstream media photograph and video broadcast of the event, ensuring that the public associates The Line with resistance to the lockdown.

The masterminds behind The Line: George Roche (left) and Lamont Daigle.

UPDATE !!! The real creator of The Line has been discovered.

The Line was co-founded in the Spring 2020 by George Roche, a music agent with degrees in psychology and marketing, and Lamont Daigle, a failed multi-level marketing self-help guru and magic water salesman.

They claim to have met at lockdown protests at Queen's Park in Toronto in the Spring, and spontaneously decided to form The Line some time in April (suspiciously, www.thelinecanada.com was registered April 30th, just 5 days after the first protest in Queen's Park, Toronto). They describe the The Line as a civil liberties association that is "not political", and beyond the lockdown protests, have branched out to support leftist causes such as "missing indigenous women", saying that they were seeking to "work with the police".

A The Line protest sign. Note the two communist fists. Astute observers will also see the uncanny resemblance to an ancient and vile Internet meme.

Their symbol, which happens to use the same colours as the Antifa logo, is a black circle with a red slash running through it. George Roche exlained that: "The O represents that we stand against oppression. And the slash stands for we don't like the blood being spilled from it," though Lamont claims that the red slash in fact means "you've crossed the line".

The Line has gone on record to state that their objective is to associate themselves with all of the disparate groups in Canada that have in any way been critical of the Canadian government's response to the pandemic, and then at some point in the future, give them the signal that it's time to begin committing acts of terrorist violence.

But before we get into that, let's take a quick look at their leader and central figurehead, Lamont Daigle.

Meet Lamont Daigle: Pedophile Sympathizer

Lamont Daigle is a self-described "fashionable guy" with "more shoes than most women". Lamont is extremely interested in mentoring young men.

One wonders if they could have chosen a worse figurehead for a civil rights activist organization if they had tried.

Lamont is an exuberant New Age spiritualist and wannabe self-help guru, who has spent the past couple of decades hopping from one failed snake oil grift to the next, with a particular emphasis on starting or joining organizations that revolve around mentoring young men.

He is the founder of 'Mentra World Service Corporation', an organization which he claims aimed to "teach men to discover their inner warrior" by "connecting them with professionals in the health, wellness, and spirituality network," a fancy way of saying that they specialized in locating young men to socialize with while selling them probiotics and something called "tooth oil" through sales affiliate programs.

Lamont's 'Mentra' company was also involved with something called 'The Mankind Project', which promises "initiation and self-actualization for all", a type of Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) organization, which has been accused of cult-like activity that ruins marriages.

The Mankind Project is "a consciously and intentionally diverse organization, with a huge number of gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender-identified men", that promises the development of "mature masculinity" through programs such as the "New Warrior Training Adventure, a weekend-long residential workshop structured as a period of self-reflection and initiation."

Helen Voong: Affiliate marketer, shamaness, The Line ground floor investor.

His current full-time grift (before dropping everything to become the leader of a "leaderless resistance" movement) is being the owner of a business in Toronto called 'Kangen Water', a magic water machine sales company that he runs with his associate Helen Voong, a homeopath shamaness who just so happens to be the third director of the newly registered non-profit NGO 'The Line International Civil Liberties Association'.

Lamont Daigle discussing pedophiles having sexual urges for children.

While looking into Daigle, I came across a very strange video. In 2019, after the screening of a documentary entitled 'Jesus Meets The Gay Man', Daigle was briefly interviewed on the subject of pedophilia.

You can watch the clip here (or here). A transcript follows:

Interviewer: "I mean that must be so hard, to, you know, to be into little boys when you're an old man, and have to stop yourself... I mean obviously if you do anything that's much worse... but it must be very hard to live with that guilt and that knowledge."

Lamont Daigle: "Well, you know what, it's one thing feeling that guilt for yourself and going through the shame of even having the thoughts, but when you're surrounded with people that just don't understand how that's a possibility, by putting down the fact that they have judgments of their own lives of shit they're doing, that they're not getting caught on.

So you're like, where do you arrange that in the way of doing naughty things. Right? It's like, where do you not forgive, and where is it too much? Like, there's a lot of weird stuff like that. People do weird shit, to just get through life. I can't judge you for something I'm doing! And vice versa. You try to keep it down so that you can get up. You know and, that's it."

Lamont Daigle being asked his opinion about pedophiles struggling with attraction to "little boys".

Essentially, Lamont Daigle believes that pedophiles raping and molesting children is just "doing naughty things", that it's "weird shit" pedophiles do just to get through life, and that he isn't sure where to draw the line at "too much" of this activity. According to him, other people are "doing" things and not getting "caught on them", therefore pedophiles cannot be judged for it.

Lamont is also an outspoken supporter of "transgender rights", having published an article earlier this year entitled 'Gender Is Over', in which he explained why people must speak someone's preferred pronouns. I asked The Line about this, and their response was that they support "human rights" for transgender people.

It should surprise no one if in the near future The Line begins lobbying for "human rights" for pedophiles, which are now being referred to by leftists as "minor attracted persons" with a "natural sexual orientation".

The Line: A Honeypot by Nature

A tweet The Line's official Twitter account deleted after being called feds.

The image above was published by The Line's official Twitter account. They outline their agenda: Unite all the different groups and people under their banner, take over the protests, then on their mark begin revolutionary violence against the government. Notice the hammer and wrench icon beside "revolution", which is obviously an allusion to the communist hammer and sickle symbol.

Laimont Daigle has explicitly stated that the goal of The Line is to gather all of the various groups and people associated with those groups together under The Line's organization, collect their information, and then organize them to commit acts of terrorist violence at a time he has deemed appropriate.

This is not hyperbole, this is exactly what Daigle has stated.

In fact he outlined it very clearly in an interview with the media:

Lamont Daigle: "...if these lockdowns continue and somebody starts getting upset as to what’s going on, and we take a look at homicides or violence in the streets, historically that’s the way anything has ever happened that’s made changes in society. We are hoping it doesn’t go there, but some of the groups that are part of this organization are ready for violence if they need to, we don’t need that to happen, we don’t want it to happen."

So Lamont Daigle has declared to the world that anyone who associates with his group is part of an organization that is planning to commit violence. If he is not working for the feds running an entrapment honeypot, he is such a fool that he serves that purpose anyways. Thanks to him, anyone who associates with The Line is now likely on a terrorist watch list and is being monitored by CSIS.

Daigle has reiterated the same thing on video, stating that The Line is going to unite all of the groups together, collect their info, and then on his mark signal to them to begin committing violence:

Lamont Daigle (clip 1): "[The Line] is there to protect all the group that are here today, to form cohesion and unity, so that if anything ever happens to any of these groups that The Line will have all of their information, all their flyers, all their march dates, so people know one place they can go in case all the MSM goes down, that they can come back and have us as a holder of the information for people, like the wisdom keepers, right?"

Lamont Daigle (clip 2): "It's a movement that doesn't really encompass any specific movement, any specific group, it's a leaderless movement, which means I'm a participant in this movement, and with all the groups that have come forward with a message as to the draconian tyrannical measures that have come upon us, all of these wonderful groups, you know whether it's Hugs Over Masks, you know whether it's Vax Canada, whether it's putting our kids into to school, back to work, whether it's anything to do with London Reel and anyone else out there having a message.

It's about The Line Canada dot com having everybody's groups listed, all the protests across Canada listed, and we've got these people covered in case mainstream media happens to shut everybody down.

AND! If something happens that, you know, the people of Canada have to become revolutionary, we're saying hold on, don't burn the country down just yet, we're trying to have all these other constitutional challenges met number one, but failing them, we call an evolution of a revolution, into, you know, peaceful protests, until we need to have more actions happening in the world that might be a little bit more pushy, as we say.

Who knows what happens, but someone's going to have to do something soon."

The CBC zooming in on one of The Line's signs at the Adamson BBQ protest, ensuring that viewers can see the URL to visit The Line's website.

Lamont and The Line are very open about what they plan to achieve: Hijack all resistance to the Canadian government's medical tyranny, gather everyone under their banner, and encourage them to begin committing revolutionary violence. They even feature the communist raised fist and hammer and sickle symbolism in their organization's designs.

The media is all too happy to broadcast the fact that The Line is "leading the resistance" on the ground, including displaying their URL on television, which is another major red flag. Either The Line is a fed honeypot, or the media have correctly recognized that they are such fools that it is beneficial to promote The Line to the discontent masses in order to smear all resistance by association.

Why did The Line just morph into an international NGO out of nowhere ?

Something else quite suspicious is that The Line is now, for some reason, transforming itself into an international non-profit NGO. Why would they suddenly out of nowhere be opening up operations in the USA, Ireland, Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Laos, and Greece?

I actually spoke briefly with a representative of The Line Canada, someone who claimed to be a volunteer running their Twitter account, and asked them about this specifically. The answer they gave me didn't make any sense. They told me that their protestors on the ground are very diverse and have come from countries all around the world, and that those protestors demanded that The Line expand their operation to their home countries.

This obviously doesn't pass the smell test. Why would random people at protests approach Lamont Daigle and request that his organization (which was up until that point basically unknown even in Canada) open up chapters in their home countries?

It's likely that George Roche, Lamont Daigle, and Helen Voong (the directors of the new 'The Line International Civil Liberties Association') are preparing to receive funding from various international sources, and expand their cursed grift to intolerable dimensions.

The Line wants to talk with your children over the Internet, for some reason.

Parents should be alerted to keep their children away from The Line at all costs, as they have for some reason just launched "The Line Canada Youth League" for children ages 10 - 17. Why they would want to gather children to their organization that they've said is preparing for revolutionary violence, is a question that remains unanswered.

Lamont Daigle after reading this article and realizing I just ended his entire career.

Anyone who associates with The Line will be discredited and led to the slaughter.

The Line should be disavowed, and told to leave anywhere they show up. If you see Lamont Daigle, tell him that crypto-leftist pedophile enablers and feds are not welcome anywhere near Canadians protesting for their liberty. Do not allow these people to fly their flags at your protests or associate themselves with you or your organizations in any way.

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