YouTube Unsub Checker

Check to see if YouTube is randomly unsubbing you from channels (yeah, they actually do that)

June 7 2019

YouTube Unsub Checker (download) is a Tampermonkey script that lets you check which channels you've been unsubscribed from on YouTube.

The script only runs on the page. Check out the video for instructions on how to use it.


v.1.30 :: You can now backup your subscription cache to a .txt or .html file. Also fixed a bug that caused verified (checkmark) channels to not be included in the scans, and added some confirmation dialogs for certain actions.

v.1.40 :: Multi-account support added. The script now automatically differentiates between YouTube accounts and stores a separate subcription cache for each of them. Note that this update invalidates the cache of previous versions.

v.1.41 :: YouTube changed the HTML tag and classes of channel titles on their channel subscriptions page. This update makes the script work with the new changes.

Download the script here

Or Download at OpenUserJS