Canada Demographics and Immigration Research

Hard data on Canadian demographics and immigration from 1851 - 2014

December 11 2019

This research was conducted and sent to me by a man named Shawn Dalton. He spent several years digging through libraries in Toronto to compile a comprehensive data set that documents Canada's historical European demographic base and the government's decision to intentionally begin replacing European Canadians with immigrants from the third world.

The research document is over 1200 pages long, and features Canadian census data from 1851 to 2001, immigration reports from 1905 to 2015, data on the temporary foreign worker program introduced by Pierre Trudeau's government in the 1970s, decades of labor market surveys, and the massive increase in immigration that began in the 1980s that was initiated by Brian Mulroney's government.

This research is being freely shared so that it can be of use to other researchers, writers, content creators, and patriots in their endeavors to expose the truth about the Canadian government's plan to demographically replace European Canadians in their own homeland.

Shawn Dalton is a Canadian patriot, researcher, and political activist. In 2015, Shawn was contacted by a police 'Diversity Relations Unit' for distributing flyers critical of mass immigration into Canada [archive].

Download the research: Canada_Immigration_Research.pdf

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